Are you interested in one of our sessions, but don't require facilitation services at this time? Consider
    investing in our off-the-shelf training solutions for your training department. The content for each of
    our corporate training seminars and professional development workshops is available for purchase in
    a comprehensive Trainer's Kit.
    Ideal for new training professionals, our Training for Trainers seminar is offered in four 8-hour
    sessions. We can conduct the seminar on-site at your location or at an offsite venue such as a hotel or
    conference facility. Participants are grouped into teams of four to six members and given time to
    complete various assignments in preparation for the training activity on the final day.
Your trainer will have at his or her fingertips all the tools necessary to
deliver an engaging and high impact session geared toward the adult learner.
All materials are provided in editable format so you can use them "as is" or
customize the content to speak to the unique needs of your industry and

When you purchase our off-the-shelf Trainer's Kit, you will receive the
following: session learning objectives and outcomes; facilitator guide with
course outlines, preparation suggestions, and instructions for session
activities and exercises;  participant workbook;  session activities and
exercises; supplemental learning tools including participant handouts, study
guides, and job aids;  visual aids, including PowerPoint presentations;
templates for certificates of completion and satisfactory performance; and  
post-session evaluations.
After collecting preliminary information from you, we will then analyze your
current training program to assess it strengths and weaknesses. This may
include observing an actual training session, reviewing the content of your
training materials, and/or conducting a deep dive into your participant

Ultimately, we will provide you with a detailed, customized blueprint
identifying areas of opportunity for improvement. These recommendations
may range from minor tweaking of certain aspects of your training program
to broader, more systemic changes to how your training is developed and

Examples of recommendations include rewriting portions of training content,
adopting alternative modes of training delivery, or incorporating additional
hands-on activities and exercises.

More importantly, your blueprint will architect a step-by-step plan to
implement the recommended changes effectively and with as minimal a
disruption to your overall training program as possible.
    Does a gap exist between your organization’s expectations for your employees’ performance and their
    actual performance? The problem may be attributable in part to deficiencies in your training program.
    Through training program consultation, we will partner with you to discover what’s working and
    what’s not working as well as it should be.
Inform. Engage. Entertain. Inspire.
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Day One focuses on training design, covering such topics as discovering your
training personality, accommodating different learning styles, and defining
session objectives. Day Two focuses on training development, covering such
topics as developing activities, putting together a session agenda, and
creating workbooks, handouts, and other training materials.

Day Three focuses on training delivery, covering such topics as time
management, asking and answering questions effectively, encouraging
attendee participation, and handling difficult people and situations.

The seminar will culminate on Day Four with each group presenting a 1-hour
training module and receiving constructive feedback from the seminar
facilitator and the other teams. Every participant will receive a training
binder complete with instructional materials, handouts, visual aids, and
other tools. This seminar relies heavily on group work and is recommended
for a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 30 participants.
    Is your training team shorthanded because a member is out on family or extended medical leave?
    Could you use additional human resources to meet the rapidly approaching deadline for a major
    project? That's where we can help. Use our training will call solutions for your contract personnel
    needs. We offer affordable and convenient time-based and project-based solutions.
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If you need assistance for a finite period, such as to cover the time of an
absent team member, we recommend our flexible time-based contract
solutions. Contracts are available for renewable 1-, 3-, and 6-month terms.
If you require assistance only for the duration of a particular project, no
matter the size, consider our project-based solutions. Full- and part-time
opportunities can be accommodated.

For local clients (in the greater metropolitan Atlanta area), we provide
contractors to facilitate learning in a classroom environment. Additionally,
we can maintain documentation and records pertaining to the training
classes, including trainee attendance and performance.

Contract Course Design Solutions
For local and out-of-state clients, we can work remotely to assist your
team in designing instructor-led or web-based training courses. Because
we understand that communication is vital to the success of your project,
we are never more than a phone call, text, email, or WebEx conference away.

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