The viability of your organization depends upon the strength of its internal and external working
relationships. We offer a series of
corporate training seminars designed to address relationship dynamics
along every point of the continuum. The content of each seminar is equally applicable to private sector
companies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies.
    Several years ago, we came across a very powerful quote from legendary baseball player Jackie
    Robinson…"Life is not a spectator sport. If you're going to spend your whole life in the grandstand
    just watching what goes on, in my opinion you're wasting your life." We've patterned a series of
    personal growth classes upon the philosophy embodied in Mr. Robinson's quote and Biblical
-  The Art of Conflict Management
-  Before You Hit Send - A Primer on Effective Email Communication
-  Being Assertive Without Being an "Ass"
-  Building Bridges Across Functional Work Groups
-  Delegation Made Easy for Type A Personalities
-  Diversity Awareness in the Workplace
-  Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
-  Grocery Store Psychology Leadership Principles
-  It's a Matter of Ethics
-  Making Outstanding Decisions Under Less Than Optimal Conditions
-  New Employee Orientation - Soft Skills for Success
-  Playing Nice in the Office Sandbox
-  Professional Etiquette in the Workplace
-  Running a Productive Meeting
-  Seven Lessons for Your Business from Reality Television Programs
-  Tackling Difficult Conversations with Ease by Using the Four Ps
-  Tricycle Team Building
-  Workplace Interpersonal Communication Strategies
-  Would You Like Fries with That? Supersizing Your Customers' Service Experience
-  Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life
-  Five Words to Remove from Your Vocabulary Forever
-  How to Complain Effectively
-  The Lesson of Weebles: Overcoming Disappointment and Failure
-  Living Your Life Without Making Comparisons to Others
-  Making the Most of Your Life Now - What's Holding You Back
-  Managing Stress at Home and at Work
-  The Power That Lies in the Tongue
-  Setting Goals and Following Through - Hitting Your Target
-  Striving for Excellence in the Midst of Mediocrity
-  Tapping Into Your Creative Potential
-  Transform Your Life Through the Power of Positive Thinking
-  Using Personal Adversity as a Stepping Stone
-  Venturing Outside of Your Comfort Zone
-  Wherever You Go, There You Are: The Consequences of Choices
-  Winning Is an Attitude
-  Assessing Your Coachability Quotient
-  Building Your Professional Brand
-  Charting Your Career Trajectory
-  Dressing Your Naked Resume
-  Exploring Your Individual Leadership Style
-  Filters Aren't Just for Coffee
-  High Octane PowerPoint Presentations
-  How to Avoid Coming Unglued at Work
-  Panic-Free Public Speaking
-  Rethinking Your Resume's M.O.
-  Surefire Ways to Knock the Socks Off Your Interviewer
-  Ten Keys to Successful Soft Skills
-  Triage Job Search Strategies for Displaced Professionals
-  You're Hired! Now What?
    Our professional development workshops focus on employment readiness and job skills
    development. The content is suitable for recent college graduates with little or no work experience,
    job seekers re-entering the workforce, and current employees looking to refine their skills.
Inform. Engage. Entertain. Inspire.
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