We recognize that successful training begins with a solid curriculum foundation. Through our
    collaborative onground course design process, we will work with you and your subject matter experts
    to design learner-centered written materials and complementary visual aids for your onground course.
    Our goal is to provide you with creative content that is consistent with adult learning principles.
    When it's a challenge bringing everyone on your team together at one time for training, consider an
    online learning environment. This allows your team members to access the content when it is most
    convenient for them --- at any time of the day. Whether logging on at work or from the comfort of
    their own homes, your team members will enjoy the flexibility of self-paced learning.
We design training for half- and full-day sessions.

During the analysis phase, we will work with your subject matter experts to
identify what participants need to learn. We will also identify the goals and
objectives of the training, and finalize the timeline for project completion.
During the design phase, we will define measurable learning objectives and
identify the content and strategies for each module of instruction.

During the development phase, we will develop the written materials,
exercises, and activities that will be used in the session. We will also create
the visual aids for the training. After your review of the materials, we will
make any necessary revisions you recommend to align with the identified
learning needs.

Our onground course design services include preparation of the facilitator
guide, participant workbook, session activities and exercises, handouts, job
aids and quick reference guides, visual aids, and session evaluations.
The success of any training is incumbent upon a knowledgeable facilitator
who is able to effectively engage your learners. But that's only half of the

Regardless of the skill level of the facilitator, if the content is less than
compelling, the training will suffer. In turn, your learners will be less likely to
absorb, retain, and apply the material being presented.

That's where we can help. We will add the appropriate degree of sizzle and
interest to your written materials to ensure they reflect the energy and
excitement for learning demonstrated by your training team.
    Are your training materials in need of an update? Would you like a fresh perspective to infuse new life
    into your training program? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, consider using our
    writing assistance services to transform your content from ordinary to extraordinary.
Inform. Engage. Entertain. Inspire.
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We use Articulate Storyline software to create interactive eLearning for our
clients. Courses are infused with multimedia, graphics, characters, and
clickable links to external resources to engage your learners. The use of
intuitive branching methods to navigate course content also contributes to a
valuable learning experience.

Using the same ADDIE methodology employed to create onground courses,
we can also design web-based courses for your learners. We'll provide you
with a comprehensive storyboard illustrating the content and layout of the

Or, provide us with your PowerPoint presentation and we will incorporate
the content into a thoughtfully planned and organized online course. We can
also use the trainer's manual, facilitator's guide or participant workbook you
use in your current instructor-led training to create an online course.

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