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Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a
college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to
serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Would you like to make a difference in your community? Why not
volunteer your time and talent to causes that are important to
you? Here's a list of online resources to get you connected to
organizations and agencies in your area:

Volunteer Match

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United Way
How do I arrange for training?
It's very easy. Complete the short form on the Contact Us page. In the
Message field, tell us which session you want to bring to your group. Provide
as much information as possible about the anticipated location, date, and time
of the session. Please keep in mind that we schedule sessions a minimum of
three weeks in advance. Once we receive your information, we will send you a
detailed session outline for you to review. Afterwards, we'll make
arrangements to discuss your goals for the session and any changes to the
content you desire.

Are your sessions customizable?
Yes, they are. Once you select the particular session for your group, we can
modify the modules within that session to best fit your group's needs. This
may involve adding an entirely new module, making changes to an existing
module by adding or removing content, or replacing an existing module with a
new one. You may also decide to emphasize or de-emphasize specific
elements within a module. Whatever approach you decide to take, you can
rest assured that your session has been carefully tailored to speak to the
unique needs of your audience.

Do you offer sessions other than those listed?
Yes. You are not limited to sessions listed on the Sessions page. We can
develop an onground or online course specifically for your company or group.
Please visit the Services page for more information.

Is videotaping or recording of the session permitted?
Yes. A minimum of one-week advance written notice is required. Additionally,
permission to record may result in a higher fee. We do ask that you provide us
with a copy of the recording or videotape. A portion of the proceeds from
resale is standard.

Does the fee for training include copying costs or traveling
No, it does not. Rather than including copy costs and charging a higher fee, we
pass the savings on to our clients, many of whom opt to use their in-house
reprographic services or to outsource copying to their preferred vendor.
Approximately one week prior to the session, we will provide you with an
electronic copy and a CD copy of all materials needed for the session. Travel
expenses including mileage, parking, airfare, ground transportation, and hotel
accommodations, where applicable, are charged in addition to the session fee.

What is the cost for a training session?
Our training sessions are offered at a flat fee depending upon the length of the
session. Contact us for a detailed outline, including the pricing, of the session
you are interested in.

What should I expect at one of your sessions?
Bring an open mind and a willingness to participate. Our sessions are designed
to be interactive. You may work in small groups to solve hypothetical
challenges and report back to the rest of the group. Or, you may channel your
inner thespian in a role play. Overall, you should expect to have fun while you
learn practical tools to help you live and work better.

Do you offer post-training consultation?
Yes, we do. Our follow-up services include distance training solutions where
members of your team can participate in an online learning environment with
their peers. For clients in the Atlanta metropolitan area, we are also available
to facilitate follow-up lunch and learn sessions for your team. Please contact
us for additional information on these services.
I live outside Georgia, but I am interested in a training session. How
can I attend?
We have a couple options for you. Modules from each of our sessions are
available in a 1-hour webinar format -- either as a single offering or as part
of a series. Webinars are available in real-time or pre-recorded delivery
modes. Electronic handouts are provided for participants. Additionally, select
sessions are offered as web-based courses. Please contact us for more
information on our webinars and online courses.

Do you conduct sessions outside Georgia?
Yes, we conduct sessions all over the United States and Canada. For locations
necessitating extended travel time, airfare, ground transportation, hotel
accommodation, and meal expenses are added on to the normal session fee.
Typically, we require these expenses be paid in full upfront at the time of
booking. Please contact us for additional information if you are interested in
bringing one of our sessions to your site.

Do you offer corporate pricing or group rates?
We offer discounts for groups and certain organizations. Please contact us for
more information.

Are the training materials for your courses available for purchase?
Yes. The content for all of our sessions is available for purchase in a
comprehensive Trainer's Kit. Please visit the Solutions page for additional

Do you develop curriculum for schools?
While we have worked with educational institutions in facilitating courses,
our focus is in developing courses that are deliverable over a one- to five-day
time span. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily lend itself to school-based

What software do you use to create web-based training?
We use Articulate Storyline exclusively to create web-based courses.

Are public seminars offered?
Not at this time, however, we plan to offer public seminars in the greater
Atlanta metropolitan area beginning in Summer 2018.

What specific topics are covered in the Training for Trainers
The Training for Trainers course covers training design, development, and
delivery. Please contact us for a detailed outline of the topics covered, the
session agenda, and pricing.

I attended a session and want to submit a testimonial.
Thank you. We are pleased to learn that you enjoyed the session. You can
submit your comments on the contact us page.

Do you facilitate lunch and learn sessions?
Yes. Individual modules within a course can be repurposed into a 2- to 3-hour
lunch and learn.

What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that circumstances may change and a cancellation may be
necessary. All cancellations must be received in writing. If notice is received
within 15 days of the session, the full facilitation fee is required. If notice is
received within 16 to 30 days of the session, the deposit is retained. If
notice is received prior to 30 days of the session date, the entire deposit will
be refunded.

Phone: 678-318-3672
Fax: 678-318-750