Lisa M. Newman
    Founder/Chief Learning Officer
    Our Training Philosophy
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We believe that training is successful when participants leave the session having learned practical, concrete solutions to their personal or workplace challenges that can be implemented immediately. To that end, we incorporate the most current and relevant content in our classes, seminars, and workshops. We conduct industry-specific research and work diligently with our clients prior to each session to ensure that the curriculum, participant guides, learning tools, and reference aids reflect real world examples which mirror the dynamics of their workplace and personal relationships.


We believe that training is successful when participants are given an opportunity during the session to meaningfully interact with one another and the facilitator. To that end, participants are encouraged to contribute to their overall learning by asking questions, sharing their viewpoint, and describing their personal experiences. Our sessions foster active involvement in the training process through a thoughtfully planned equation of individual and group activities. Training content is presented in a way that is consistent with adult learning theory and suitable for all sensory learning styles.

    About Us

We are a small training company based in the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia area. Founded in 2006 as Marigold Consulting, we recently changed our name to training& to better reflect what we do. While training is our beloved first-born child, our family has grown to include numerous training-related services and solutions we are excited to share with our clients. Read more about our Founder/Chief Learning Officer and our training philosopy below.

Inform. Engage. Entertain. Inspire.
Success is liking yourself, liking what you
do, and liking how you do it.
~ Maya Angelou

We believe that training is successful when participants have fun, memorable experiences that not only reinforce the content presented but also provide an outlet for creative expression. To that end, all of our sessions include some combination of attention-grabbing icebreakers, friendly competitive games, and nontraditional hands-on activities. Whether it's playing musical chairs, building bridges out of popsicle sticks, going on a scavenger hunt, or yelling out BINGO!, participants in our sessions need not rely upon the caffeine in their favorite espresso or carbonated beverage to remain alert. Humdrum and boring sessions are not an option.


We believe that training is successful when participants are inspired to radically shift the way they approach how they live and work. Our desire is that participants gain valuable tools that transform their thinking and that they leave the session with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Many would equate this to ROI, or return on investment. We prefer to call it a return on initiative. We seek through training to reinvigorate each participant so that he or she will take the initiative to do and be more. To that end, participants in our sessions are always challenged to think deeply about how they will apply what they have learned.

Who I Am ~
Lawyer turned educator turned trainer. Zumba enthusiast and aspiring interior decorator with a strong competitive streak balanced by a passion for service.

What I Do ~
Act as training sherpa to assist participants achieve light bulb moments in solving challenges, living and working on purpose, and generally enjoying life.

Why I Do It ~
I once sat through an excruciating training session. The facilitator droned on mercilessly as she clicked through what had to be no fewer than 100 PowerPoint slides. We were being talked at. In her desire to cover all of the material in the allotted time, she forgot the most important reason why she was there in the first place - her participants. I thought to myself then that there had to be a better way to train. And voila! An idea for a training company was born.

Nearly ten years later, I still believe that even the most mundane content can be presented in an interesting and engaging way. Because it's really okay to have fun in training as long as at the end of the day you've learned valuable tools to help you live and work better.

Random Fact #1: My Personal Food Krytonite
Breyer's mint chocolate chip ice cream. Love. The. Stuff.

Random Fact #2: A Few Items on My Bucket List
See the Philadelphia Eagles win a Super Bowl (yes, I believe in miracles!), go on safari in Kenya, skydive and live to tell about it (DONE!), overcome my fear of water by learning how to swim, and hold a koala bear. Not necessarily in that order.